I can't remember a time that I wasn't interested in the paranormal. In 2000 Personal experiences
                   made me more interested in the paranormal. I have always believed that there was something
                  out there, and that has lead me to trying to find out just what that is. I’m very open minded.
I have a thirst for understanding the unknown.

                     I have been an active member of the paranormal community for 12 years. I became very active in
                      researching the paranormal in January of 2000 with my wife. The amount of places and research
                        that we found grew beyond what the two of us could take on, so in November 2004 we started the
                    Springfield Paranormal Research Group. We took on 9 investigators. Since then we have been
   involved in over a hundred of cases throughout the years all over the United States.

                    My goal is to use a scientific approach and tools to conclusively establish if there is any proof of
                    the paranormal evidence or to find natural reasons for what is going on. I want to help others
                       who feel they are haunted or are dealing with a paranormal situation and how to deal with their
          situation. Science and skepticism can lead us to the answers we seek in the paranormal.

Do I believe in ghosts? Yes