Waverly Hills
Waverly Hills
Louisville, Kentucky

I found no evidence the night we were at Waverly Hills, to prove this place
is indeed haunted. Nothing showed up on audio or photos. The temperature remained
steady, our EMF meter never went off. We did get some video footage of the ball
on the top floor moving but we cant rule out the wind. We did find a few doors
on the second and third floor that had wires that could be pulled to open
and close them.

I did at one point fell as if someone was standing beside me on the first floor.
Everyone had some type of personal experiences, but this place is large and very
dark and full of bat's flying around you every where. I am sure they were just a
little creped out.

Barb and Roberta from our sister group SPRG of Illinois joined us this night. It was
great to have them along they are a great asset. We had a great time.

Waverly Hills
Louisville, Kentucky

DATE: July 25 and 26, 2007

We arrived at Waverly Hills at approximately 9:00 p.m. The security guard met us outside and
all of the equipment was loaded up and taken into the facility. The guard gave a few of us a
tour and explained some of the known hot spots. At one point during the tour, I heard what
sounded like a low growl sound. This was also heard by another investigator. I believe it
happened on the second or third floor. No one was behind us – I’m not sure what this was.

On the 5th floor, a few of us were gathered around the camera equipment. We all heard what
sounded like something being dragged across the floor. We did not discover what made
this sound.

The entire placed really gave me the creeps, especially the third floor. I’m not really sure why
this floor bothered me so much more than the other floors. I had a feeling that someone else
was up there other than Michelle and me. There were so many crooks and crannies,
maybe my imagination was just playing tricks on me. I did at one point think I saw a shadow
at the very end of the corridor which vanished as soon as I saw it.

RESULTS: Other than my personal experiences, so far I have not found any evidence of
anything paranormal, although I have not reviewed the tape from my video camera. I did not
get any unusual pictures or any EVPs, and my EMF meter did not detect any unusual readings.

This was a really interesting place to investigate, and I got the chance to meet some great people
from the Springfield Paranormal Research Group out of Missouri. I would love to go
back to Waverly Hills in the future, and possibly do some other investigations with SPRG
of Missouri.

Report by Barb LeVeque

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