Findings of Thespian Hall
September 14 2007 took us back to Boonville once again to investigate a well known place weknow as Thespian Hall. A little background of Thespian hall is July 25 1855 was the first dayof construction and was completely built by July 3 1857. Thespian Hall hasn’t always been atheater but in fact, during the civil war, it was turned into a hospital and at times servedas barracks for different army troops.

With no real claims of activity going on within the walls of this historic building it wasstill exciting for us to be able to investigate this 150 year old building that went throughmany changes and has survived wars and modern progress yet is still used today.

There were 7 of us anxiously setting up our equipment with hopes to possibly catch somethingon camera or EVP. The evening was cooler in the mid 60’s with no precipitation in the forecastand no cloud cover. Our investigation started approximately 7:30 PM once our 6 night cams wereset in place. We paired off and took turns going to different areas of the Hall which includedthe basement, under the stage, balconies, main floor, and even the dressing rooms at the back.Unfortunately, we were unable to investigate the third floor as we could not find the access toit. Besides having our night cams, we also had digital cameras, camcorders, digital recorders,and a thermometer to help us record our findings. At one point while Dave and I were down in thebasement, I felt what felt like a full hand that was placed on my left shoulder. I turned aroundand asked “What”? Only to find that Dave was no where near me therefore he couldn’t have put hishand on my shoulder. Unfortunately, aside from that experience and with nothing physical to backit up, nothing else happened, at least to myself and Dave. Although there was a point while inthe main area of the Hall one of members had a different experience while sitting in the seatson the main floor.

So what are our thoughts on this investigation? To be honest, at no time did we ever feel uncomfortableor uneasy in any area of the Hall. This is not to say that the possibility isn’t there of some sortof activity, it just didn’t really happen while we were present. Thespian Hall may warrant anotherinvestigation sometime in the future. At this time, all of our data still hasn’t been gone throughand checked but if there’s something there, it will be put up with a second investigation to confirm.We’d also like to thank all those involved for allowing us to do this investigation of your property.


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