Our findings and feelings on these listed investigations

Springfield National Cemetery

Our investigation to the National Cemetery. We made two
investigation here, On our second visit we were broke up into two groups
of three. At one point my group was about 50 yards away from the other group.
We stopped to take some photos when we noticed that the other group had a
new member with them about 10 feet walking behind them. We were out of
camera range so we hurried over to them from behind when we got closer thefourth person was just gone.

They said no one was with them, but about the point we saw it they said they were getting strange feelings. We did get some very good E.V.P'S, and those darn orbs. At one point one of the member's had walked across a grave. We got an evp saying ( GET OFF ME).

I am not sure if this place is haunted ,but from what we got it sure has the making of a haunted cemetery.

Location: 1702 E. Seminole St. in downtown Springfield

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