Albino Farm Springfield Mo.

We have dug very deep into the history of the Albino Farm. What we have found are some very conflicting events as you will read below. I myself will say that the stories about the farm are in no way shape or form true. There is just no evidence to back it up anywhere, police reports, or newspapers.

We have done four investigations on the farm. Two investigations in the daytime and two at night. From the data we have collected, I would have to say that there is a lot of paranormal activity at the farm, but not from any of
these stories. We have video footage, photos, and EVPs to back up this claim.

From the moment we stepped foot on the "Albino Farm," we had a strange
feeling come over us. We weren't sure if it was because it was our first
outing together or the history itself of the farm. It's no secret that
there is a history on this farm and a truth that needs to be told, so we
started out to find the truth. We walked around and took pictures and had
funny feelings that we were not the only ones there. We felt as if the
Spirits that lived on the farm were watching us too.

We walked around and took a lot of pictures, but the evening was getting late, so we left and called it a night. My mind couldn't stop drifting to the farm and its secrets that were beyond the broken down walls of a once beautiful home that I'm sure had love and happiness. I know it seems crazy, but I almost felt as if we werebeing called back to this once beautiful farm.

On the second trip, we went inthe day to enjoy the beauty of it. The feelings were different, almost a peace,but yet we felt as if we were being watched. Once again after we looked at video and pictures and listened to EVPs we had gotten from the farm we knew we had to go there again. It was as if it was calling to us in different ways, but we were cut short that night, and I believe it was best, for the energy was different that night. I have thought about the "Albino Farm" a lot, and I feel that they, as much as we, wish the truth to be told, and it will be told, but for now the secrets that hide behind the walls of the "Albino Farm" must lay and wait.

There was an odd feeling about this place. There are so many different stories about the Albino farm, it was hard to believe it was haunted in any way. Once you get there, you feel like you are being watched all the time, and I can understand why from some of the video we got. Something was watching Amity and I about 50 yards away from us just in the tree line. Let me tell you the evp's we got are some of the best and creepiest I have ever heard. We caught all different shapes, sizes, and colors of orbs, some in which I have never seen before. We have made three trips out there and it never fails to reveal something new. (Kcwolf)


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