Our findings and feelings on this investigations
Private Home Investigation Report

On April 25th 2008 our group had the opportunity to investigate a apartment building
located in Springfield MO. There were two apartments in particular that were focused on.

What was reported:

In apartments E, the tenant reported that some of her possessions were being moved around.At times she would fall asleep watching a program on TV only to wake up later
finding the channel had been changed. A young visitor also reported that her hair had
been pulled from the back. The tenant has a sense of not being alone but feels it mostly

in the hour of 3AM.

There are reports from the employees of unexplained noises coming from apartment J,
which is presently vacant. They feel it might be the previously now deceased tenant.
What looked like a man in a cowboy outfit was seen standing outside the same apartment.

In the main sitting area an employee reported seeinga man wearing a plaid shirt. The
same employee also said he that he has felt someone touching the back of his neck
while sitting in the same general area as where he saw the man in a plaid shirt.


The Team, Equipment, and Setup:

Time of investigation was from 8PM to 12AM
The night was clear and 45F with cool winds blowing from the north.
Investigators present were John, Michelle, Gloria, Dave, and Sandy. Tenants and
employees were also present.

Equipment used was 4 night cams, 2 digital recorders, 2 camcorders, 2 digital cameras,
temperature gauge, and an EMF gauge.

2 of the night cams were set up in the main sitting area and the back of the hall, one night
cam and one recorder was put in apartment J and the same in apartment E.
Base temp was from 69.3 to 69.7
Base EMF was normal.

The Investigation:
We started out by taking our base readings of the areas. There was a surge on the EMF
but we were soon able to find the source to be the main fuse box on the other side of
the wall in the other room.

Gloria, Dave and Sandy teamed up to do the apartment where the objects had been
moved and hair was being pulled. We had the tenant herself try to talk with who she
thought her visitors might be but nothing out of the ordinary happened however, when

John was in that apartment, he felt someone touchhis shoulder and tapping was heard
that was in response to their questions in the kitchenarea, but natural causes could not
be ruled out.

In apartment J, Michele and Sandy went in. Now this was one of our more interesting
rooms as both investigators had a chance to experience what we felt could have been
a paranormal experience. At one point Michelle said, "Anytime you want us to leave, open
the door and we will leave" Upon saying that, the door that leads outside and is locked
from the outside opened up enough to see outside and even though the wind was blowing,
it never caught the door but in fact, it appeared to be held in place. In the same room, John
and Dave had gone in and at one point for no apparent reason, John’s glasses fogged up

while in the bedroom. The temperature of the roomremained constant.

Evidence Collected:
Unexplained noises on a voice recorder left alone in apartment J.Video of a door opening on its own.

Our findings:
First off, we’d like to thank all the employees and tenants for allowing us to come in to do this investigation. We truly enjoyed meeting and talking with all of you. We hope that your experience with us was also enjoyable.

All in all we were unable to substantiate a number of the reports the tenants and employees had experienced or seen in the building at this time. However, between our personal experiences, what evidence we did collect, and what employees reported in the apartment J. that we were able to substantiate, we feel that there is some paranormal activity going on in
there. We hope to be able to go back in again to either confirm or be able to debunk what evidence we collected and/or experienced.

Report done by Sandy, edited by John


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